Darla (dakotamidnight) wrote in alpha_phi_omega,

It's official.....bracelets are on sale for $3.50 each, or 4 for $12.

Please try to order as a CHAPTER!!!! This makes it easier to ensure that non-brothers don't end up buying or wearing them.

The bracelet will be made of royal blue silicone, with the Greek letters for APO debossed {engraved} into it.

If you're not going to be at sectionals for section 43/44, or aren't in the area, leave a message here saying how many you are intrested in or email me @ DarlaMcAlpine @ gmail . com . I'll work out some way of taking orders and payment until the ebay site is up.

The ebay site won't be set up for a while yet, not until we have recieved the first batch of bracelets from the supplier. But PLEASE do let me know how many you are intrested in so that I can get an idea how many to have made.
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