Jess, aka Mrs. Bin Bons, aka Mrs. Peyton Manning (this_ismy_story) wrote in alpha_phi_omega,
Jess, aka Mrs. Bin Bons, aka Mrs. Peyton Manning

So I came across this video...

So I came across this video through an ad on LJ.  It's for Longwood University (in Farmville, VA.)  The video is for Longwood TV, and a take on MTV "Cribs."  Imagine my amusement when I see the first girl showing off her "crib," featuring the letters Alpha Phi Omega on her wall!  Her explanation is priceless.  Kudos to this Brother!

Edit:  This is why I shouldn't stay up so late!  Link was sadly not included, but here it is now.
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Link Please
Yay! You like my icon!
Yes I do, any chance of getting one with blue shadows?

I can modify the existing template if you like.

Though I must say, this Icon is actually designed after the RENT logo.

You would want blue on white?
Blue on white would look cool.

Hey, I made a bunch of icons of that template, plus I uploaded another bunch of random APO Icons. The ones you'll probably want are at the bottom of the post.

agreed ... link!!
Thank you!
That dorm room is bigger than some apartments here in Korea