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Nationals Update

Elected Positions on the Board
Maggie Katz -- President
Mark Stratton -- Vice President
Adam Bolain -- Service (and Communication? I forget if there was legislation to drop the Communication and if there was I don't know if it passed or not)
Ed RIchter -- Leadership Development
John Ottenad -- Membership and Extension
Keith Roots -- Finance
Jeff Cantor -- Alumni and Internal Volunteer Development
Carla Moran -- External Development/PR (or something like that. It's the President's Choice Position)
Region I Director Marilyn Mims Dow
Region II Director Mike Haber
Region III Director Dawn Gurganious
Region IV Director Matt Cross
Region V Director John Strada*
Region VI Director Rob Coop
Region VII Director Cole Robertson
Region VIII Director Jen Churchill*
Region IX Director Emily Engelland*
Region X Director Frank “Henson” Brodsky
Region XI Director Ping Huang*

*1st Term as RD

Atlanta 2010

National DSKs
Dr. Fred Heismeyer
Mike Nathan
mrn Tomusiak
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